The Healthy Hedonist

A fun lover's guide to great health

hedonism, n. the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence

- The New Oxford American Dictionary

My Spirit

Let’s get one thing straight. Worrying that keeps you awake at night is useless. You need your sleep. If this is happening often, make sure you allow time to transition to sleep by turning off the TV and avoiding anything with caffeine or alcohol late at night. Instead it’s time for praying, breathing exercises (see this pranayama video) and meditation, a rosary, a mantra, or reading something inspirational.

Twelve-step programs such as Codependents Anonymous and Alanon, that teach you to “accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can,” will provide--over a span of time-- many benefits of psychotherapy for the voluntary contribution of $1/week. 

If the situation is dire, cut expenses as close to the bone as possible while you look for free legal and financial advice offered by the local bar association or a family friend with experience in accounting, or just a smart close friend. Then take action, methodically.

But don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of our planet! Get out and walk. Plan a picnic. Put together a potluck with close friends. And be grateful for all you do have!