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The following is a list of strategies, products and services covered in The Healthy Hedonist, as well as books, websites and other resources that provide additional information.

Your Mental Health

Building Self-esteem

Mood-Altering Strategies

Keeping Work in Balance

Living More Luxuriously

Using Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

The Pleasure of Massage

 Finding More Energy

Walk, Walk, Walk-Around the Block

Energy Food

Getting Better Rest

Wake Me Gently, Please

Finding a Time of Peace

Sleep, Blissful Sleep

Mattress Buying Tips

Finding Better Food

Eating Out & Traveling

Juicing for Power

Tasty Right-Fat Snacks

Detoxing for Health

Detox Professionals

Locating Detoxification Clinics

Books on Detox

Yoga and T'ai Chi

Yoga Tips

Major Yoga Disciplines

Books on Yoga

Books on T'ai Chi

Spa Culture

In-Home Sauna Manufacturers:

Creating Your In-Home-Spa

Finding Hot Springs and Traditional Spas:



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