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In the Quest for Health, Pleasure is Underrated
Declares the "Healthy Hedonist"

Health Communicator Proclaims End of
"No Pain, No Gain" Mentality Toward Health

"It's time to end the 'boot-camp' mentality toward preventive health that has dominated the health and fitness movements since their inception."

So said Janet Bridgers, an environmental activist and communications specialist in the health care industry, who now describes herself as "the health consumer advocate for people who want to protect their health and still have a good time."

"Whoever came up with the phrase, 'no pain-no gain,' must have been a masochist!" she said. The announcement coincides with the publication of Bridgers' book, The Healthy Hedonist, The Fun Lover's Guide to Great Health. Bridgers wrote the book after years of extensive research to inspire others to take better care of themselves and enjoy the process. She describes it as "a health book for people who aren't perfect, and don't want to be."

"Most health plans create a sense of deprivation," Bridgers said, "The Healthy Hedonist finds ways around that feeling and still offers profound ways to protect and enhance health.

"We live in a complex, heavy-duty world," she said "People have a tremendous psychological need to be able to relax and spend time with family and friends so any health regime that inhibits sociability with severe dietary limitations is emotionally unhealthy, because it makes it impossible to go out and have a good time. And during the week, we all need wholesome, yet highly pleasurable ways to relax. A strait jacket of do's and don'ts related to diet and exercise is not what people want to come home to after a long day."

Bridgers said there's plenty of evidence that current health information has failed:

"Despite decades of widely available health information, huge numbers of people are still not healthy. This is shown by the alarming statistics for diabetes, obesity and cancer. I believe a large part of this has to do with most health recommendations' lack of positive, satisfying substitute behaviors. Healthy hedonism is a way to be healthy without hardship."

"The problem," Bridgers states, "is that healthy behaviors need to provide immediate gratification."

"Otherwise, it's difficult for most people to maintain them long enough to begin receiving the benefit." The book is based on what Bridgers describes as the five "Pillars of Healthy Hedonism": Positive Stimulation, Stress Reduction, a "Right Fat" Diet, Circulation and Detoxification. All elements have been well-documented by medical research.

"Our brains are wired to seek pleasure," Bridgers said, "to deny that is to deny our basic nature. My book describes ways to engage the drive for gratification in behaviors that are intrinsically very healthy. Healthy hedonism gives the individual the energy to deal with reality. This is critical to our society today. More than ever, people need to be able to stay loose, to accept change and meet the challenges of our times."

More information may be found at www.thehealthyhedonist.com. The Healthy Hedonist will be published by Terracotta Books & Media, Oxnard, CA.

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Contact: Janet Bridgers, 805/487-2999

The Healthy Hedonist Now Out In Down-Loadable Audio Version

Special Limited Time Offer Provides Free Soft Cover Book

The Healthy Hedonist, the health book based on the pursuit of pleasure for people who aren't perfectÉand don't want to be, is now out in a downloadable audio version. The unabridged audio book is read by its author, Janet Bridgers, and is conveniently available through the Healthy Hedonist website—www.healthyhedonist.com.

"The audio version brings the book to a whole new audience of young people and urban professionals who generally don't have much time to read," said Bridgers. "Bingo! The audio version makes it possible for anyone with a computer or IPod to listen and learn while driving, exercising or doing mind-numbing busywork," said Bridgers, who continues her own career as an environmentalist/health communicator.

"Now is an important time for people to learn new ways to care for themselves," Bridgers said, explaining that "with the stress of the economic downturn, some of the high-price self-care techniques such as professional massage, expensive gym memberships and really high price natural food stores are going to difficult to include in a tight budget. The Healthy Hedonist is loaded with tips on how to achieve the same benefits at a tiny fraction of the cost. For anyone who values his or her health, this can be a really smart adjustment since the economic stress makes it all the more important to find healthy forms of stress relief."

The book's concept is about finding healthy behaviors that are intrinsically pleasurable, which reinforce an individual's ability to be consistent about them. "Healthy hedonism is the affordable version of spa culture, which provides relaxation while stimulating circulation and natural detoxification, three 'pillars of good health.'" The book also presents two other pillars—finding joy and affordable healthy food. "Good health is a blessing. Those who get on track to protect their good health while they're young are twice blessed. Unfortunately, many people take better care of their cars than their health," Bridgers opined. "You can get a new car, but anyone who has watched a friend or family member trying to recover from chronic illness knows how tough the process can be."

The downloadable book is priced at $7.95, payable through PayPal. For a limited time only, the author is making copies of the 360 page soft cover book available for only a $5.95 shipping and handling fee.

An audio sample is also available via the website.

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