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A Concise Biography
Health and lifestyle advocate Janet Bridgers is uniquely qualified to define a new approach to preventive health. A fun-loving communicator, philosopher, environmentalist, and social trend-spotter, she brings a fresh perspective to preventive health by advocating a program of Healthy Hedonism-a way to stay relaxed and healthy in a world that is anything but!

A Summa cum laude graduate of the University of New Mexico, with a double major in English and French, Janet moved to Los Angeles in 1977 where she initially worked as a bookkeeper and live performance reviewer for a music industry trade publication. A couple of years later, she began working for a Santa Monica, California, public relations firm specializing in health care. 

An ardent environmentalist, Janet along with Patrick Wall, an internationally known direct activist, founded Earth Alert! in 1984. Together they made significant contributions in the areas of marine mammal conservation, recycling, and coastal water quality. They are currently engaged in protecting and restoring wetlands in Ventura County, an hour north of Los Angeles. 

Gradually Janet's interests in health and environment merged and a public interest website, www.detox.org, was the result, devoted to educating individuals on safe and gentle ways to avoid and eliminate toxins. Through work with a major healthcare organization, Janet became aware that healthcare education in the U.S. was failing to motivate a huge percentage of the population. 

Suspecting that the deprivation approach presented by many health approaches was part of the problem, she committed herself to a write a book to show that being healthy can fun, flexible and feel fantastic. Et voilą! The Healthy Hedonist is the result.

The fun lover's guide to
 great health

If you want to feel great and have fun doing it, you're ready to be a Healthy Hedonist. The Healthy Hedonist shows you how to have more fun with fewer regrets, more energy with less guilt, and pleasure without pain

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